Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Review of Highland Storms by Christina Courtenay

Thanks to Choc Lit for the copy of this book for review!

** What it's about **

Betrayed by his brother and his childhood love, Brice Kinross needs a fresh start.  So he welcomes the opportunity to leave Sweden for the Scottish Highlands to take over the family estate.

But there's trouble afoot at Rosyth in 1754 and Brice finds himself unwelcome. The estate's in ruin and money is disappearing.  He discovers an ally in Marsaili Buchanan, the beautiful redheaded housekeeper, but can he trust her?

Marsaili is determined to build a good life.  She works hard at being a housekeeper and harder still at avoiding men who want to take advantage of her.  But she's irresistibly drawn to the new clan chief, even though he's made it plain he doesn't want to be shackled to anyone.

And the young laird has more than romance on his mind.  His investigations are stirring up an enemy.  Someone who will stop at nothing to get what he wants - including Marsaili - even if that means destroying Brice's life forever.

** What I thought **

I have to admit when publishers ask what genres I read I always say everything except historical fiction.  So when Choc Lit UK (renowned for their delicious heroes) sent me a copy of Highland Storms, I was a little apprehensive.  Yet, this isn’t just any old historical fiction – this is historical romance fiction.  And yes, the hero in this IS delicious! So tuck in….!

This is the sequel to Trade Winds, but can be read as a stand-alone book.  It’s packed full of adventure and romance, friendship and love, loyalty and betrayal.

The characters were extremely well developed.  It didn’t take me long to hate Colin “the bad man” Seton and he is by far the best baddy I’ve seen portrayed in a book for a long time.  Brice is delicious (did I already mention that?!).  Marsali isn’t any normal woman, she isn’t a damsel in distress, she’s fiery and I loved that about her.  I have to say, apart from the steamy romance, I particularly loved Brice’s relationship with young Archie and Marsaili and Liath’s relationship was beyond special.

Amidst these strong characters comes the even stronger background.  The book is set in 1754, just as Scotland is beginning to settle after the Jacobite risings of 45.  Courtenay’s descriptive writing takes over you and draws you in to this far away world.  There are plenty of twists and turns along the way, leaving us with a well-paced and unpredictable action-packed read.

I believe next time come to visit the Kinross family we will get to discover Jamie (Brice’s brother).  I look forward to that – Christina Courtenay has been added to my list of authors to look out for in the future!


  1. I have Trade Winds on my Kindle. Read nothing but fab reviews on both books. Thanks for sharing your review, it's fab x

  2. Thank you for this lovely review - so glad you enjoyed Highland Storms!

  3. I loved this one. Brice is such a dashing hero.

    Glad you enjoyed your first historical romance.


  4. I have Trade Winds on my Kindle to read, too, so I read this review with one eye shut, so I didn't learn anything I don't want to!

    Love the pic at the top of your blog! Thank you! x

  5. This is such a great review! I love how it's set in Scotland! There are rarely any books set up north!



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