Thursday, 23 February 2012

Review of 'Rainshadow Road' by Lisa Kleypas

Thanks to Piatkus for the advanced copy in return for an honest review.

** What it’s about **

Lucy Marinn is a glass artist living in beautiful, inspiring Friday Harbour, Washington. Creatively fulfilled and engaged to be married, she is content with her life, until she is stunned by the worst kind of betrayal: her fiancé Kevin announces he's leaving Lucy to be with her younger sister.

Facing the disapproval of Lucy's parents, Kevin asks his friend Sam Nolan, one of the owners of the Rainshadow vineyard, to 'romance' Lucy and help her get over her anger. But when Sam and Lucy begin to fall in love, things become complicated, especially when Kevin starts to have second thoughts. And when Lucy discovers that the new relationship in her life began under false pretences, her world is shattered, and she is forced to question everything.

** What I thought **

Rainshadow Road has one of those gorgeous covers which invites you in, and makes you want to curl up in front of a fire (or lounge on a sunbed in your garden) before you start reading.  I definitely judged this book by its cover and I was right – it’s as gorgeous inside as it is out!

Lisa Kleypas brings out the characters emotions within you with ease and you swiftly take a dislike to certain characters whilst instantly warming to others.  I loved the unique occupation of Lucy – this allowed Lisa Kleypas to provide the reader with some rather vivid imagery.  The imagery from the vineyard is also fantastic and it made me want to go and immerse myself in Friday Harbour.

There are also some truly heart-warming moments to this book, centred on Holly, which had me in tears.  The romance in this is also gorgeously written – the struggle and battling of feelings that, let’s face it, are always going to win.  Sam is just gorgeous, I want him and his body to carry me around the house in my hour of need.  He’s geeky, but in the most sexy way possible!

My *only* complaint about this book would be that the synopsis isn’t exactly accurate.  The synopsis states that Kevin is Lucy’s fiancé – yet in the book she only ever refers to him as her boyfriend – there is no mention of them being engaged at any point.  I also thought the bit about Kevin trying to set Lucy up with Sam was a bit misleading.

Rainshadow Road is the first in Lisa Kleypas’s new Friday Harbour trilogy.  I, for one, cannot wait for more!  You can follow Lisa on twitter @LisaKleypas and visit her website for more information on Lisa and her books.

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