Saturday, 12 February 2011

Palmer's Coconut Body Butter

Palmer’s recently sent me a full sized 170g pot of Palmer’s Coconut Milk Formula Body Butter to test out and see what I thought of it.  The pot states that the body butter is luxuriously creamy and is made with natural coconut milk and also contains vitamin E.  From the product description, and reading the ingredients, I noticed it also contains Mango, Macadamia, Sweet Almond Oil, Aloe and Cocoa. 
On first opening the pot, I was hit by the relatively strong coconut smell which no doubt will make everyone think of suntan lotion! However, once I’d put a bit on my legs, I could really smell the cocoa as well. 
The body butter itself is quite firm and certainly does feel luxuriously creamy as you apply it to your body.  It does not stay wet or tacky for ages, which means you don’t have to wander around the house half naked for hours whilst you wait for it to dry.  I found it was quickly absorbed into the skin and instantly my skin felt softer.  I was also pleasantly surprised to find that that softness lasted for hours, and in fact whenever I turned over in the middle of the night, I actually noticed how soft my legs felt (not something I would usually notice in the middle of the night!)
My only negative point about this product would be that if you put clothes on over your newly moisturised body, the smell really does soak into the clothes and lasts until washed.  So even if you haven’t used the body butter that day you might find a rather strong coconut smell following you round the house as you lounge around in those tracksuit bottoms you shoved on after moisturising your legs a couple of days ago!!! I guess the same applies if you use the body butter in the morning, you may smell of coconut all day – so perhaps ideal for putting on just before bed!
Having checked online, I found that the body butter costs £4.99 at Boots and £6.12 at Superdrug – so definitely worth keeping an eye out for the best offer.  It is also available at Asda/Tesco etc. although I am unsure of the prices.  In my opinion, definitely a worthwhile buy – the pot is actually full when new, unlike some body butters I have used where the pot is nowhere near full.  The only reason to avoid this product would be if you hate the smell of coconut!!

Can view product here: Palmers Coconut Milk Formula Body Butter

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  1. I'm always keen to find a good rich moisturiser this sounds fab! I think i'll get some to try!


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