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Sugar and Spice by Angela Britnell

Sugar and Spice is Angela Britnell's debut UK novel, having won ChocLit's Search for an American Star competition, and it is no wonder because you can tell that she is a very accomplished writer.

"The Way to a Hero’s Heart…

Fiery, workaholic Lily Redman is sure of two things: that she knows good food and that she always gets what she wants. And what she wants more than anything is to make a success of her new American TV show, Celebrity Chef Swap – without the help of her cheating ex-fiancĂ© and producer, Patrick O’Brien. So when she arrives in Cornwall, she’s determined to do just that.
Kenan Rowse is definitely not looking for love. Back from a military stint in Afghanistan and recovering from a messy divorce and an even messier past, the last thing he needs is another complication. So when he lands a temporary job as Luscious Lily’s driver, he’s none too pleased to find that they can’t keep their hands off each other!

But trudging around Cornish farms, knee deep in mud, and meetings with egotistical chefs was never going to be the perfect recipe for love – was it? And Lily could never fall for a man so disinterested in food – could she?"

Sugar and Spice is pure romance, almost from the very first page and it doesn't let up in the slightest until you have absorbed the very last word. I have to admit that I found American Lily a little irritating to start with but I soon came to adore her relationship with brooding Kenan. I also loved Kenan's relationship with Mandy, and my heart went out to him when I learnt the circumstances under which he hadn't been in her life for a number of years.

If I had to complain about anything, it would be this: Lily was in the UK to find chefs to take part in her new American TV show, Celebrity Chef Swap (I really can imagine this show gracing our screens) but, in my opinion, we don't see enough of this element. Her journey to find the chefs is just too simple, and they are all a little too agreeable, although I really liked the different characters. I just would have liked to have seen a bit more of them and for there to have been a little more drama from this element, rather than all the drama being romanced based. Although having said that, there is also Patrick O'Brien to consider; ex-fiancé and producer, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Ultimately, Sugar and Spice is just that - sweet Kenan has met his match when he lays eyes on Spicy (and sultry, and sexy by all accounts) Luscious Lily. But can they find the perfect recipe to cook up their happy ever after?

Thank you, as always, to the ChocLit team for a copy of Sugar and Spice in return for an honest review. If you're looking for a challenging read, this probably isn't the book for you, but if you are a fan of good old chick lit, Sugar and Spice is out now, so you can grab yourself a copy and enjoy some Sugar and Spice, everything nice.

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  1. I'm pleased you enjoyed 'Sugar and Spice' and like you I wish they'd turn Celebrity Chef Swap into a real life TV show!


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