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Review of 'Death in Amber' by Dean Fetzer PLUS a giveaway!

** What it’s about **

A wondrous room made from panels of carved amber – a gift in the 18th Century to Peter the Great, Czar of Russia. Once part of a palace outside St Petersburg, this priceless treasure has been missing since the end of World War II.

Removed from the palace by a Nazi art collection squad at the height of the war, the Amber Room was last seen in Königsbourg in late 1944 – it vanished without a trace. Now, someone knows where it has come to rest and will do anything to get it.

Ninety years on and beautiful young women are being found dead with no evidence of why they died. Forensics has no clues and fewer answers.
Haunted by a mysterious benefactress, Jaared Sen is hired by an old friend to find his missing niece. A Contractor for The Company, Jaared is the only one who can find her – and the Amber Room – before the killer strikes again.

** What I thought **

Within the open paragraphs, I already had butterflies and a slightly elevated heart rate.  There is something mysterious about Fetzer’s fluently detailed writing.

Fetzer throws you in the deep end and makes you tread water for a few chapters before you get your bearings, and by this point, you’re well and truly hooked.  Getting your bearings involves realising there are two storylines running side-by-side.  However, my one criticism of this book would be that I was constantly waiting for these two storylines to catch up with each other and overlap in some dramatic fashion.  There is a wonderful build up throughout this book, but for me, the ending wasn’t as explosive as I was expecting.  It also left me with a few unanswered questions, and ones that I really wanted to know the answers to.

This book is set in a futuristic world, although there is very little explanation as to how this came about.  I’m hoping that is picked up more in future books as this book is the first in a series focusing on Jaared Sen (a blind investigator working for the Company).  I’d certainly be interested to read more of these books and see where Jaared ends up.  I have high hopes for this future world!

Something about Fetzer’s writing reminds me of Stieg Larsson’s trilogy; whether it be the investigator and unusual sidekick or something else entirely, I can’t quite put my finger on it.

All in all, a mysterious and gripping book; a promising start to the series.

One last point for the proofers/editors: For one of the secondary characters who appears for only a few pages – her name changes mid-way through the page! Threw me slightly for a while….!


Dean has kindly offered to giveaway 5 ebooks and a signed copy of the first book in the Jaared Sen Quartet!!

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