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Review of An Autumn Crush by Milly Johnson

Thanks to Milly Johnson and Simon & Schuster for the copy of An Autumn Crush.  You can follow Milly on twitter or facebook.

** What it’s about **

Synopsis from back cover:

"In the heart of the windy season, four friends are about to get swept off their feet...

Newly single after a bruising divorce, Juliet Miller moves into a place of her own and advertises for a flatmate, little believing that in her mid-thirties, she'll find anyone suitable.  Then, just as she's about to give up hope, along comes self-employed copywriter Floz, and the two women hit it off straight away.

When Juliet's gentle giant of a twin brother, Guy, meets Floz, he falls head over heels.  But, as hard as he trites to charm her, his foot seems to be permanently in his mouth.  Meanwhile, Guy's best friend Steve has always had a secret crush on Juliet - one which could not be more unrequited if it tried...

As Floz and Juliet's friendship deepens, and Floz becomes part of the Miller family, can Guy turn her affection for them into something more - into love for him? ANd what will happen to Steve's heart when Juliet eventually catches the eye of Piers - the man of her dreams?

As Autumn falls, will love eventually bloom for them all? Or will the secrets of the past turn the season's gold to the chill of winter?"

** What I thought **

This is my first book reviewed within my October theme, and what a book it is.  Despite being October, I read this on a recording-breaking October day, with temperatures soaring, sat in the garden surrounded by leaves fluttering to the ground as Autumn descends.

I read Johnson’s A Summer Fling over the summer and loved every page of it.  Johnson’s next book An Autumn Crush is no disappointment.  I read it in one sitting, which is unusual these days with a book of this thickness.  I was lucky to have a day to sit in the glorious sunshine in the garden and soak up every word.  Johnson writes some of the best chick lit there is; she lures you in and then immerses you fully.  You’ll smile constantly (in fact, I think my cheeks ache from smiling too much) and I did shed a fear tears at the end. 

This book is packed full of warm and energetic characters.  Guy melted my heart – the perfect gentlemen.  I often found myself holding my breath, waiting for something to happen and Johnson does make you wait.  She builds up the anticipation perfectly, so that when things start to come together, they do so perfectly.  And boy, is it worth waiting for.  There are plenty of unexpected twists and turns along the way, but these will lead you to a seriously satisfying ending.

Perfect – get yourself a copy, and immerse yourself immediately!


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