Saturday, 27 June 2020

Summer at Lavender Bay by Sarah Bennett

"Love happens when you least expect it…

When Eliza Barnes said ‘I do’ to her husband all those years ago, she thought that they’d be together forever. Instead, he’s flown to Abu Dhabi to start a new life, and she’s returning to the little seaside town of Lavender Bay.
It’s finally time to chase the dreams she’s put on hold for so long, whipping up luxury bath products and organic soaps using local ingredients. Of course, she didn’t expect to meet local farmer, Jack Gilbert, or for him to be quite so gorgeous!
So when her husband turns up, she knows she must decide between the man she knows everything about and the man who makes her heart race in ways she’d never imagined – before it’s too late…"

Summer at Lavender Bay is the second in the delicious Lavender Bay series.  It can be read alone but I'd strongly recommend reading as a series.  This book follows Eliza who we've learnt a little bit about from the first book; enough to know that she has lost her sparkle.

In Spring at Lavender Bay, there is a fleeting mention of an incident with a red sports car and I remember wondering at the time what the significance to that was but never saw it unravel, however, all becomes clear in this book!  I love the way Sarah Bennett has weaved the full story through all three of the books in the series.

We also get to meet the family from the lavender farm, the reason the Bay has its name.  It's exceptionally difficult to choose a favourite of the three books but I do think this might win it for me; I loved Jack, his relationship with his nephew, the support he gives Eliza and even his fiery nature.  He might even just manage to give Eliza her sparkle back (for which I love him even more).

You also get to continue to learn about Beth and Sam whose story is covered by Spring at Lavender Bay which is a lovely bonus to the story in this book!

Summer at Lavender Bay is out now and available to buy here on Kindle or in paperback (prices correct at time of writing):

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