Saturday, 8 February 2014

World After by Susan EE (Penryn and of Days Book 2)

I dived into World After, having been desperate to know what happened to Penryn and Raffe since I finished Angel Fall a few weeks ago.....

World After doesn't disappoint, it dives straight into where you left off.  No hanging around, warming you back up to the characters and the story....just BAM!

World After is a fabulous second book, and it keeps drawing you in and leaves you wanting more than the first one did.  

The majority of the book takes a slightly different turn to Angelfall as it doesn't follow Penryn and Raffe together but focuses on Penryn's continued journey.  Initially you only get glimpses of Raffe through his sword, and he doesn't appear in the flesh until later in the book.  But when he does appear, there are some touching moments that make your heart melt and the book becomes slightly more like the first.

It can pretty gruesome and dark (more so than the first) but it's just as addictive.  You learn more about the Angel's plans and their reason for being on Earth.  But things take an unexpected turn at the end; it absolutely isn't predictable, it isn't at all what I expected to happen and I have absolutely no idea what will happen next.....!

I hear it's quite a long wait for the third book, and I'm not sure how long I can wait!!! Hurry Susan - I'm desperate!

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