Saturday, 15 February 2014

Want to Know a Secret by Sue Moorcroft

When I think of Sue Moorcroft, I think of Middledip village, of Honeybun cottage and of Ratty. Oh I still yearn for you!!!! 

So when I saw Want to Know a Secret? in the top free kindle books list, I jumped at the chance (now that I have my trusty ipad to read eBooks on).

This book is typically Sue Moorcroft in that it's amazingly romantic and packed with gorgeous hero moments that leave you longing to step inside the book and melt into the world of love.  But it's also packed with real life - family troubles, family rifts, family you didn't know about, family you wish you didn't know about and could forget, guilt, greed, depression and money troubles to name just a few.

I have always found Sue's writing addictive and this book is no different. Once I started, I just couldn't stop.  I think this book has a less full-on romance storyline than other Moorcroft books I've read. In this book, the romance is interwoven with the very clever storyline and you don't even realise where it's coming from until it's upon you making your heart beat faster and your cheeks flush ever so slightly. The romance is more of an undercurrent, pulling you under and then releasing you, giving you enough time to recover before the next wave comes crashing in. And the main thread of the story I thought was really excellent - it's original and cleverly crafted together. 

There are a lot of characters in this book, but each and every once had their place.  They are all unique and well developed.  They fit perfectly into their little world.  The pace is perfect, and will keep you gripped right through to the very last word. 

As always with Moorcroft's books, the only disappointment I had was when I'd turned the last page and it was over. If you haven't ever read a Sue Moorcroft book, you're seriously missing out - get yourself to a book store or get yourself online and rectify this immediately. 

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  1. Thank you!!! :-) There are few things that give me more pleasure than people reading my books.


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