Monday, 23 December 2013

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I'd heard the hype, how could you not have, but I didn't even know what The Hunger Games were about until I picked up the book to start reading.  Reading the synopsis, I wasn't entirely sure that this was going to be my sort of thing, it sounded bizarre and quite terrifying.

But boy was I wrong - I was hooked almost instantly and that deep need to read on engulfed me and continued right up to the very last page, leaving me feeling bereft.  

The Hunger Games are different, and deep down it's horrific, but god is it addictive!  I devoured the entire trilogy in a matter of days!

Personally, book 1 was my favourite; probably because it's so unique.  Once I started on book 2, desperately wanting more, I found the first half a little slow before the twist comes and it's back to The Hunger Games that you know and love.  The third book takes a different tack, but is more than enjoyable.

The Hunger Games are fast-paced and action packed, with the right dose of romance and family, and will leave you desperate for more.

The long asked question of Peeta or Gale? Anyone who has read this trilogy will have formed a view of who Katniss should end up with.  I usually have extremely strong feelings towards a particular couple in books, and I know, without question, who I want to end up with who, but I didn't have that with these books.  I was constantly torn, just as Katniss is.

If you've managed to avoid The Hunger Games like I had, grab yourself a copy and read like there is no tomorrow.  Now that I have finished, I feel bereft.....what could ever match up to this fantastic trilogy?

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