Monday, 4 May 2020

Sunrise at Butterfly Cove by Sarah Bennett

"After a nightmare year, Mia Sutherland is hoping for a fresh start! She’s putting the past behind her and pouring all her savings into renovating a crumbling guesthouse in peaceful Butterfly Cove. Nothing will distract her from achieving her dreams!
That is, until her very first guest, Daniel Fitzwilliam arrives – quite possibly, the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen. He’s only here for a week, but already Daniel has turned her world upside-down. And as the tide turns, it’s clear that Butterfly Cove has more than one surprise in store for Mia…"

This is the first of a trilogy centred around Butterfly Cove.  I actually didn't realise this until after I'd read the second book (Wedding Bells at Butterfly Cove, having received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review) and I took instantly to the internet to discover whether there was more (it was that good!).  As I wanted to continue the story from where I'd left off, I actually read the third (and final) book next and then came back to read the first.  I found it really interesting to read this way round as, whilst I knew what was ultimately going to happen, I loved watching it unfold and recognising the references from the other two books.  However, to avoid any spoilers, I would certainly recommend reading the books in order.

This is the book in which the guesthouse at Butterfly Cove really comes to life - from a crumbling wreck into the beautiful house that Mia has created in her mind.  It also becomes more than just a guesthouse; it becomes a home for Mia and Daniel.  This is a story of, not only a fragile house, but two fragile souls who are brought together and the result is ultimately magnificent.  It is emotional at times and I know the writing has to be good if it can make me cry (which it did!)

I read this book in one sitting on a sunny Sunday afternoon and it was throughly delightful.  A truly delightful love story and an exceptionally easy read.  Sarah Bennett is a new firm favourite of mine, without question!

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