Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty

I'd read the back of this book at the airport some time last year, and decided instantly that I wanted to read it (if I'm honest, the cover alone made me want to read it).

As I was off on my holidays in March, I decided to download it to my kindle.  I must admit, I was expecting to be a little more gripped to the storyline than I was.  However, saying that, it was a perfectly enjoyable book!

At the outset, I did have to keep going back in my mind to try and ensure I remembered who was who.  But I soon adapted.  I thought the story alternated between chapters very well, switching between the different threads of the story until ultimately they become interwoven and one.

The "secret" wasn't totally unpredictable.  I personally didn't really try to guess it and was just happily reading on my sunbed to pass the time, but I think most reader's would guess fairly quickly if you actually thought about it.

Maybe not the best book for a suspense storyline, however, an interesting dilemma.....what would you do with your husband's secret??

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