Monday 27 February 2012

Review of 'Recipe for Love' by Katie Fforde

** What it’s about **

Take one aspiring cook, one judge and a spoonful of romance…

When Zoe Harper wins a coveted place in a televised cookery competition, she’s thrilled.  It’s a chance to cook her way to fame and fortune and the little delicatessen she’s set her heart on.

The first task has hardly begun when she finds herself with rather too much on her plate.

Not only has she got to contend with the fiercely competitive and downright devious Cher, but she’s fast developing an inconvenient crush on one of the judges – the truly delicious Gideon Irving.

All too soon there’s more than canapés, cupcakes and cordon bleu at stake.

Will Zoe win the competition or is Gideon one temptation too far? And is Zoe really prepared to risk it all for love?

** What I thought **

Katie Fforde has distinctively simple, yet beautiful, book covers and Recipe for Love is no exception. 

I loved the characters in this book, except Cher (I wanted to pull her hair and push her face first into the mud) and Rupert’s parents are hilariously awful!  I also loved the concept of this – it was like a cross between Masterchef and The Great British Bake Off.  If you hate cooking, don’t let this put you off – the book doesn’t require you to be a cooking-lover.  There are certainly some descriptions that will make anybody’s stomach rumble!

The story is wonderfully paced and easily devoured. Katie Fforde has created a warm and wonderful book that will keep you turning the pages until suddenly you find yourself at the end with a smile on your face and wanting more.  This book is delicious romantic chick lit at its best.

** About Katie Fforde **

Katie was born and brought up in London but has lived in Gloucestershire with her family for the last thirty years.  Her first novel, Living Dangerously, went on to be chosen as part of the WHSmith Fresh Talent promotion.  There have been over seventeen novels since, as well as some grandchildren.  Her hobbies, when she has time for them, are singing in a choir and flamenco dancing.  Katie Fforde is President of the Romantic Novelist’s Association.

To find out more about Katie Fforde, visit her website at and follow her on Twitter @KatieFforde

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